Artworks To Make Your Home Feel Seasonal and Stylish this fall.

As the sun is setting earlier and the days are getting cooler, many people are looking for the latest trends to keep their homes looking trendy for fall.

How to play the fall trend

Our homes are a constantly evolving mix of all the things we love. If last year was all about reclaiming your space, given over to home working, this year is all about generous doses of colour and stamping your personality.

Fall classics

Think about fall and you’re probably thinking about falling leaves, harvest and an afternoon campfire by the lake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hanging these memories to your walls.



Warmer color palettes

Reclaiming to look of seventies-style homes, a warm colour palette refers to red, orange and yellow tones, which is a change from to the typical summer interior colour palette of blues, greens and purples. The key to this trend is to not overdo it.

Enchanted Fall Cyanotype VI by Nancy Green

Back to nature

We dare you not to smile looking into the faces of woodland animals. Add the right hues, and you have something awesome for fall, and other seasons.

Collection II by PhotoINC Studio

Go beyond the beaten path with abstract

Abstract art is creating all sorts of hype on social media and has claimed its spot as an absolute fall winner. Easy to incorporate, a simple abstract art painting can offer the accent you need to give your room an artsy look.

Stop to stare by Delano Art

Bring the masters

The amazing colors synonymous with fall sure have inspired the art masters, especially the practitioners of the impressionist style.

Tannenwald by Gustav Klimt

Grainstack (Sunset) by Claude Monet

Wrapping up: whether you do frequent art rotation within your home or are searching for a timeless piece, fall themes sure can create the ‘’wow’’ effect you are looking for.

Karina Zein