7 Nautical and Coastal Wall Art Ideas To Feel On Vacation All Year Round!
Dreaming of the beach and ocean waves? Bring the ocean into your home. 
Keep reading and transform your home to the beach feel you love! Vacation vibes all year round!

1. Ocean Photography

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Featuring ocean photography in your home gives the room a beachy airy feel. Rolling waves can create calm and a relaxing feel. A sunset on the ocean creates a feel of calm with a splash of color. Wall art that brings the beauty of the ocean inside.

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 2. Abstract Coastal or Nautical Art

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The beauty of abstract wall art is that it can be interpreted in a million ways. Adding abstract wall art with coastal or nautical colours to your home opens an avenue for several engaging and inviting conversations. Art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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3. Coastal Color Scheme

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The coastal colour scheme includes neutral colours, grays, crisp whites, blues, and greens. These colours are known for giving a calm and relaxing feel. They give the illusion of making a room feel more spacious and airy. Wall art with these color schemes reminds you of the coast and all those memories of walking along the beach at sunset with the sound of the waves in the background.

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4. Plants

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Wall art with plants makes a stunning dramatic statement. The beauty of nature makes it feel like summer all year round. Rainforests, palm trees, cactuses and tall grass gives you the feeling of being outside in the summer. All that is missing is the smell of freshly cut grass or fresh summer rain to make your room feel like you're outside.

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5. Anchors

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In the nautical world, anchor wall art represents promise, hope, and stability. Adding wall art with an anchor adds  impact with a simple image. It adds a subtle nautical feel and gives off an ocean vibe.

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6. Sea shells

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Seashells evoke the childhood memories of walking along the beach and the waves slowly rolling on to the sand. Wall art with sea shells add positive energy and bring back fond memories of beach vacations.

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7. Black and White Coastal Art

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A great way to use coastal art is with Black and white photographs. Black and white photography adds a big impact with a simple image. Images of palm trees, ocean waves of surf boards will definitely give you the ocean feel.

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We hope these nautical and coastal wall art ideas inspire you to transform your home to make it feel like you are vacationing all year round!

Karina Zein