The Surprising Impact Of Large Artwork In Your Home

Large wall art is a fantastic way to make the most of any room. You can make a room appear larger and less cluttered by concentrating on a few key pieces.

Many people believe that small-scale wall art is necessary for walls with limited area when actually large wall hangings in a tiny room can make the area appear bigger.

The entrance to your home is the perfect location to put this decorating advice into practice.

The entrance is after all a visitor's first glimpse into your home and the ideal place to make a statement. Steven Sabados, a design expert, advises pushing the boundaries of your area, regardless of the size of your entryway. In other words, purchase the largest piece of art that will fit in your room.

Here are 4 Ways large artwork impacts a room

1. You can make a dramatic style statement and create an impression of more space 

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When you add enormous wall art to a small or even studio apartment, the room's dimensions are amplified and the area is given the appearance of being larger than it actually is. A few substantial pieces of furniture can make your room appear larger, airier, and undoubtedly more inviting.

2. It maximizes tiny areas 

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Keep in mind the "less is more" adage when dealing with small places.

Utilize fewer, larger design elements to maximize your area! It is not advisable to cram several tiny objects or art installations into a small house or room because it might easily appear cramped. 

3. It instantly draws attention as the focal point of your home's décor, and accentuates the room's design

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Consider adding large abstract imagery, whimsical or urban art to your contemporary, compact flat if you want to give it a decidedly modern feel.

Adding surreal, natural, or flower head imagery to traditional-style small family homes is a terrific approach to achieve a timeless appeal that complements your home's architecture.


4. It creates the correct stylistic effect with a minimalistic aesthetic

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To fill the "design hole" that small spaces frequently have, use large wall art.

Due to the limited space, crowded flats are frequently furnished with useful but unattractive utilitarian items. Small rooms with large wall art can instantly draw attention and improve their aesthetic value. 


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Karina Zein